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Tanzania Travel and tours is a travel and tour company based in Tanzania. We deal with all of your travel needs including flights, hotels, shopping, golf, restaurants, sports, camping, fishing, hunting, adventure travel, car hire and much more.
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1. Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris: Tanzania prides huge numbers of wildlife spread all over the country and each of these wildlife display their own characteristics particular to the ecosystem.
2. Specialized Chimpanzee Safari Program: Tanzania hails the great majestic mountains of Mahale, home to hundreds of chimpanzees.
3. Active Adventure: Climb the "Natural Wonder Of The World". Mount Kilimanjaro being easily accessible has been the dream of many athletes and adventurers who wish to experience and pride themselves of having been to the roof of Africa.
4. Indian Ocean Beach Vacation: Tanzania's multiple Indian Ocean Islands provides guests the opportunity to select their beach spot just they way they prefer it.
5. Eco-Tourism Experience: More An African experience that is run by indigenous people of Africa in a environment where your stay is at accommodations built by indigenous people of Africa, and where the revenue from your spending actually and directly assists the indigenous population be self sufficient and self reliant.
6. Historical Experience: Walk in the footsteps of great explorers and adventures that roamed Tanzania. Visit Zanzibar and Bagamoyo and learn about slave trade history and its effects or at Kilwa were incredible ruins that are extant till today.
7. Cultural Experience: Tanzania's varying tribes and cultures provides an excellent opportunity for guests to encounter other ways of life, rites and rituals.
8. Marine Experience: Tanzania's offers an underwater paradise for marine enthusiasts visiting Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar with many interesting reefs featuring shallow rocky areas that suddenly drop off into vertiginous crevasses, 40 meters deep. With steep walls covered in colorful sponges and Gorgonia, divers will find such diverse life as Brittlestars, Langoustines, and Moray Eels. Some reefs are like undersea mountains, wreathed with seaweeds and corals, and teeming with colorful fish.
9. Relaxation, Peace and Pristine Beauty: Tanzania's offers peace and relaxation program where guests can take off to remote places like Kigoma and Mwanza located on the shores of the great Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria and spend their days from the comforts of their room gazing at the majestic vistas of the lakes.
10. Eight Wonder Of The World: If all the above reasons have not made you certain that Tanzania is the place to visit, the presence of Ngorongoro Crater, the undocumented "Eight Wonder of the World" should change your mind. Sit back and relax in the comforts of your lodge balcony and view the incredible awesomeness of the crater.
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